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Ocean Visibility Industry Update Presented By Descartes
  • Gain insights into the latest developments in the ocean visibility industry
  • How the ocean visibility solution now provides US Customs Import data in an accessible way previously unavailable through visibility platforms
  • Users can track shipments in real-time and access crucial information about port statuses, in-transit locations, and temperature monitoring.
  • Learn about integrations with other Descartes solutions, allowing clients to ensure compliance, leverage customs data, and make informed business decisions
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FreightWaves F3 Recap – Dan Cicerchi On ‘What The Truck?!?’
  • Why brokers should be flexible in order to source carriers of all sizes
  • The importance of relationships between carriers, owner operators, and brokers for the freight business
  • Why brokers need to 'treat carriers they way they want to be treated'
  • How Descartes MacroPoint is providing capabilities and flexibility to all freight parties
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How To Keep Carriers Happy And Performance High During Peak Season
  • Why it's important to meet carriers where they are in terms of capability
  • Why some of the traditional processes are no longer compatible with today’s market
  • The golden rule of carrier management — 'treating carriers how they want to be treated'
  • How addressing customers’ needs and improving their technology experience are key during peak season
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Descartes MacroPoint Capacity
  • How the Descartes MacroPoint Capacity platform can find you the right carrier at the right price
  • Learn the steps and tactics to mitigate risk within the freight market
  • The importance of a premium verified carrier network (over 325k carriers)
  • Book loads 15x faster with email-free automated work flows and less manual processes
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2022 Ocean Shipping Outlook. Avoiding Supply Chain Disruption.
  • Volatility around maritime shipping and the ocean market
  • The effect of supply chain disruptions and how it will impact shippers
  • How shippers can be better prepared utilizing platforms with real-time visibility
  • Utilization of advanced ocean visibility for key data such as ETA, tracking, and automation
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State of the Industry 2022 Experts Panel
  • Current state of the TM industry and it's effect on shippers
  • The major takeaways of the global marketplace in the past year (and start of pandemic)
  • Current supply chain challenges and disruptions
  • Analysis, predictions, and a roadmap of the future
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Real Time Freight Visibility Success with Steelcase
  • Different use cases for freight visibility
  • Best practices for carrier enablement
  • How Steelcase is using Descartes Macropoint
  • Where Steelcase sees freight visibility going in their supply chain
  • Key factors in what you should look for in a visibility solution
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Real Time Freight Visibility Success with Albertsons
  • How Albertsons has benefited from using Descartes MacroPoint
  • The direction freight visibility is taking in the current climate
  • The direction supply chain is taking in the current climate of freight visibility in Albertsons’ supply chain
  • Best practices for carrier enablement & carrier compliance
  • Key factors to look for in a visibility solution
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