Truckload visibility and carrier connectivity you can rely on

Is your carrier visibility data as accurate or reliable as you need it to be?

Powered by industry-leading carrier adoption, Descartes MacroPoint makes truckload tracking simple for you and your transportation partners. That means better collaboration with your carriers, higher levels of customer satisfaction, and improved compliance.

Instantly connect with 400k+ carriers across our network

Descartes MacroPoint makes managing your operations easier than ever—with more efficiency, less stress, and data you can trust to inform your decisions.

Industry leading compliance

Carrier connectivity is the raw material of supply chain data. Without it, actionable insights are impossible.

Two-way carrier messaging

Easily communicate with all your carriers from a single location

POD & Document Capture

Enable drivers to capture and upload photos as proof of delivery or to archive important documents digitally.

Predictive ETAs & at-risk alerting

Give your team the power of exception management to identify and mitigate your most pressing challenges.

Instant carrier connectivity

Connection to our global network instantly brings you clearer, consolidated reporting.

Advanced automation

Slash your manual workload and put your resources to better use.

Cloud-powered integration

Connect with any major TMS platform, automate your tracking process and manage by exception.

Powering enterprise-wide visibility

“Descartes MacroPoint has been a massive time saver for us. Prior to implementing the solution, we spent in the neighborhood of four to five hours per day tracking and receiving updates on loads. Now that most of the information is pushed from Descartes MacroPoint, we’re down to the two-hour mark for tracking loads—and we can always stay steps ahead of any shipment issue.”

Blue Semi Truck

Keegan McReady

Sr. Project Manager, Steelcase Inc.

How it works

Getting started with Descartes MacroPoint is easy and seamless—no matter how complex your network, or how big your objectives. Our dedicated success teams make it simple.