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The ROI of Supply Chain Visibility

Global supply chain visibility is a hot topic. Effective visibility tools are crucial to meet evolving customer expectations as competitors continue to raise the bar on service and performance. Schedule a meeting with our experts to learn how visibility creates value for operations throughout an organization and beyond the transportation department.

Descartes MacroPoint is proud to provide visibility to an amazing community of companies

Reliable, User Friendly Software for Tracking Freight

“I can use MacroPoint’s reliable tracking to make accurate claims for detention, layover and TONU reimbursements from our customer. It not only saves money, but helps us make money.”

Making Freight Tracking Easy

“One of the best features of MacroPoint is how easy they make it to track integrated carriers. If somebody is connected to use through ELD, that provides a fast and efficient way to track their loads.”

Work smarter, not harder

“MacroPoint provides a simple, and safer way to keep track of freight as it ships. Creating a smoother movement process for all parties involved.”

I love tracking my shipments with MacroPoint.

“Descartes MacroPoint is very simple and easy to use. My drivers install an app on their smartphones. On my end, it’s completely integrated into McLeod TMS so it’s only a few clicks on my end. I love that I get emailed updates and my customers can as well if they want.”

Auto Track to a T

“What I like best about Descartes MacroPoint is detailed tracking….the fact that I can set the frequency of pings…..and the integration with so many ELD’s”

Easy to use and very good features

“Easy to use and easy communication with customer, good support and helps reduce unnecessary communication with customers, and provides 24 hour visibility”

MacroPoint provides visibility you need to make your customers comfortable

“MacroPoint is mobile and ELD ready. No matter what type of equipment you are running, MacroPoint has a solution.”

Amazing app and really helpful to track and secure loads.

“Works efficiently and keeps us updated all time.”

We love MacroPoint and our 3PL company!

“MacroPoint makes tracking our shipments convenient and easy. It helps us avoid having to take the time to make phone calls to get locations from driver’s that are transporting our shipments”

Accurate and timely

“MacroPoint is mobile and ELD ready. No matter what type of equipment you are running, MacroPoint has a solution.”