Complete control and visibility, for each and every load

Unlock new efficiencies, raise your revenues and deliver the exceptional service your customers want with Descartes MacroPoint.

As the first and most trusted supply chain visibility platform, we have an unmatched global carrier network. This means we can offer Freight Brokers & 3PLs true multimodal visibility and seamless capacity sourcing.

Level up your freight & 3PL operations…

…by connecting to the most extensive global network of carriers there is.

  • No more manual load tracking
  • No more carrier check calls
  • No more imprecise guesswork

MacroPoint makes freight & 3PL simple, seamless, swift and cost effective.

How we make a difference for your business

Market-leading visibility

More carriers trust MacroPoint than any other platform. Our market-leading carrier compliance translates to unrivaled operational visibility for freight brokers & 3PLs.

Optimized carrier use, optimized margins

Insights and analytics allow you to evaluate carrier performance, ensuring your operations are low cost and high success. Not the other way round.

One single source of truth

Our system integrates with every major TMS platform, allowing you to consolidate your formerly disparate supply chain information into one clear data stream.

Seamless carrier onboarding

Our dedicated onboarding team is on hand to get you set up, so you can connect instantly to thousands of carriers through ELD, TMS and Mobile App tracking.

Expand your territories AND your profits

Our extensive carrier network takes the friction out of relationship building, meaning you can break new operational ground and start making revenues right away.

Stronger data integrity, smarter business decisions

Enhanced data insights and business intelligence enable you to give irrefutable evidence of your service value, and make the smartest possible business decisions.

See how we can help you

By automating low value tasks, our technology can enable your resources to focus on high value relationships and growth.

Number of employees tracking & managing freight
0 Employees
0 300
Avg. salary for relevant employees
$0 $100k
Percentage of time spent manually tracking freight
0% 100%
Select the time period

What does manual tracking cost you?

Visibility & Automation Streamline Operations

Annual Manual Tracking Costs
Annual Hours Spend
Savings with Automated Tracking
Additional Hours Gained

*This is not a claim on total product savings but an exercise in understanding the costs of manually tracking and processing freight. This does not account for savings in other areas like reduced carrier fees and penalties.

Features for Freight Brokers & 3PLs

Learn more about Descartes MacroPoint’s capabilities, and how they enhance your operations.

Your operations, visibly improved

Connect the dots of your supply chain with a crystal clear picture of your freight, shipping and third-party logistics.

Tap into your true capacity for growth

Book loads quicker and easier than ever, enhance your performance, and deliver the service your customers deserve with AI-driven capacity matching

Gaining the Advantage of Complete Visibility

“Descartes MacroPoint is a vital piece of both our carrier and customer operations at NTG. Our customers can opt to get real-time visibility on every shipment we move. The drivers for our carriers can provide location updates with minimal interactions while in-transit, leaving us with happier carriers who can focus on driving safely.”

Perry Falk

Senior Vice President, Carrier Operations at NTG

How it works

Getting started with Descartes MacroPoint is easy and seamless—no matter how complex your network, or how big your objectives. Our dedicated success teams make it simple.

Learn more about our Freight Brokers & 3PLs enterprise solutions

Working with thousands of carriers is complicated, but that’s our specialty. Speak with our experts to discover how we can power a more connected operation.