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Discover Descartes MacroPoint Features

MacroPoint Features

Real -Time Visibility Platform

Learn why thousands of companies get visibility from Descartes MacroPoint

Capacity Sourcing

The intelligent way to source and secure carrier capacity

Ocean Visibility

Combine terminal, port, and ocean carrier data into a single stream of actionable insights

Analytics & Intelligence

Uncover exceptions before they happen and improve overall performance.

Dock Appointment Scheduling

Specifically designed to help optimize dock doors – making it easy for carriers to schedule and minimize the risk of detention.

Workflow Automation

Track and trace functionality across the vast majority of shipping lines

Temp Tracking

Deliver high-quality goods and temperature-sensitive shipments safely and on time.

Tender Automation

Enable the GLN to digitize the communication with carriers for tendering, documentation, and invoicing.

Additional Descartes Solutions

B2B Connectivity & Messaging

Connect to hundreds of thousands of parties globally through a digital network to communicate and collaborate more efficiently.

Broker & Forwarder Enterprise Systems

Digitize back office and agent operations to streamline and optimize shipment management, customs compliance, accounting, and customer relationship management solutions.

Customs & Regulatory Compliance

Streamline cross-border trade with preparation, filing and visibility solutions for cargo security, customs, and other regulatory agencies.

Global Trade Intelligence

Maximize margins, find new prospects and vet trading partners through an extensive array of global trade, duties, tariffs and restricted party data and services.

Ecommerce Shipping & Fulfillment

Enable efficient, flexible and scalable Ecommerce operations through pre-connected leading marketplaces, and comprehensive shipping and mobile fulfillment solutions.