Real-time supply chain visibility to help you deliver the goods

When you’re under pressure to get inventory to stores on time and intact, having complete visibility of your supply chain is crucial.

Descartes MacroPoint illuminates every step of your consumer goods operation. Giving you precise, up-to-the minute supply chain visibility, so you can maintain the highest product quality, preserve your brand reputation, and keep customers satisfied and loyal.

Solving your biggest challenges

Deliver on time, and in full

Failure to get inventory to your customers when they need it can lead to product waste, OTIF fines, and loss of business. Our automated carrier tracking alerts and precise ETAs help you coordinate your operations more accurately, and stay on schedule.

Keep on moving

No more grinding to a halt when raw materials or packaging don’t arrive as planned. With rich, real-time supply chain data from Descartes MacroPoint, you can identify issues or delays before they happen, and replan around them to prevent downtime.

No more manual check calls

Manually checking delivery status can quickly become unmanageable. MacroPoint not only consolidates all of your logistics data into one stream, but it also automatically keeps you and your customers in the loop, with intelligent real-time notifications.

Learn more about our enterprise solutions

Supply chains are complex, but that’s our specialty. Speak with our experts to discover how we can power a more connected supply chain.

With Descartes Macropoint

One provider, one platform, one process

All your logistics data and visibility processes: consolidated, consistent and manageable from one platform.

Unrivaled accuracy

Market-leading data quality gives you a clearer picture of performance.

Making you more productive, at every level

Improved labor planning, automation and spending allocation mean all your efforts go further.

Enhanced contingency planning and exception management

Identify and mitigate issues in advance with complete visibility and predictive ETAs.

Our features for the consumer industry

Real -Time Visibility Platform

Dock Appointment Scheduling

Ocean Visibility

Analytics & Intelligence

Workflow Automation

Verso Success Story

“We strive to put as much information into our customers’ hands as possible. With Descartes MacroPoint, we can provide our customers with real-time shipment updates and take proactive action to minimize disruptions and costly late deliveries. The Descartes solution has made a world of difference to our operations and our ability to nurture our longstanding customer relationships.”

Mike Dailey

Manager, Corporate Logistics, Verso Corporation