Preserve product quality with smart temperature tracking for sensitive shipments

Our advanced temperature tracking capabilities allow you to manage and move challenging temperature-controlled loads with complete peace of mind.

Whether you need to keep a shipment in extreme cold or ambient heat, Descartes MacroPoint is equipped to help freight brokers, 3PLs and shippers effectively sustain the correct temperature conditions for any load, from pickup to delivery.

Maintain the quality of your product and your service

Use Descartes MacroPoint’s temperature tracking capabilities to maintain quality assurance, mitigate operational risks, and make smarter business decisions.

Reduce loss of inventory

Whether you need to keep perishable goods fresh, or safely move combustible chemicals, MacroPoint allows you to deliver sensitive loads safely, on time and to the highest quality standards.

Keep compliance under control

Having complete visibility of your shipment temperature makes adhering to the latest rules a breeze—from transportation laws, to industry-specific regulations.

Preserve your profit margins

Being able to manage by exception means you spend less time handling wastage or rejected deliveries, and more time building profitable relationships with suppliers.

How it works

Getting started with Descartes MacroPoint is easy and seamless—no matter how complex your network, or how big your objectives. Our dedicated success teams make it simple.


Adaptable temperature settings

Pre-set the right temperature threshold to suit the conditions of your load—whether you’re moving refrigerated goods or sensitive chemicals.

Intelligent real-time alerting

Customizable live alerts keep you informed of your shipment’s temperature, so you can manage exceptions and make adjustments to protect product integrity.

All your data, connected by the cloud

Access all your freight location data and temperature data, across multiple carriers—in real time, from anywhere in the world, via one single cloud-powered system.

Temperature pattern analysis

Detailed data and insights allow you to see which carriers, regions and routes are best suited to different types of temperature-controlled shipments.

Albertsons Companies Success Story

“Because we’re dealing with fresh product, having real-time tracking is extremely important to ensure we’re managing our business effectively. Descartes MacroPoint gives us the opportunity, the technology and the partnership to work through the challenges of knowing what’s happening with loads in real-time. This allows us to make better buying and inventory decisions.”

Corporate Traffic Manager

Albertsons Companies

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Descartes MacroPoint is purpose built to provide end-to-end visibility through every stage of the transportation journey, all from a single provider.