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2022 Ocean Shipping Outlook

As capacity remains constrained and demand is forecasted to increase throughout the year, ocean shipping has become difficult to manage. Visibility is key. Learn how advanced ocean visibility allows for increased performance, predictability, and greater margins for the industry which is responsible for 90% of the freight distributed through the world.

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3 Steps to Accelerating the Carrier Sales Cycle

To get a sense of how the industry is faring and to better understand how to navigate these issues, FreightWaves and Descartes partnered for this white paper to share the importance of capacity matching and automation tools to enable your resources to do more with their time.

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Improving OTIF Performance

Read this white paper to learn why retailers are tightening delivery windows, what you stand to win or lose from these changes and how you can use supply chain visibility software to improve OTIF performance.

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The ROI Behind Freight Visibility

Global supply chain visibility is a hot topic in today’s challenging business climate. Effective visibility tools are crucial to meet evolving customer expectations as competitors continue to raise the bar on service and performance. Thanks to emerging technologies, companies now have the ability to get much more granular visibility data. However, they are searching for […]

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The Intelligent Way to Source and Secure Carrier Capacity

Securing capacity can be tough in today’s environment with rapidly changing volumes, shifting distribution models and a driver shortage. Brokers with fast-growing organizations often find it challenging to find the right strategic carriers for new customers, lanes, modes, and geographies. That’s because finding capacity the old way — using phone calls, tribal knowledge, carrier portals, […]

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Real-Time Freight Visibility Tracking: Keys to a Successful Implementation

What You’ll Learn To realize the maximum value from your transportation management investment, download this eBook to learn about the 6 best practices for implementing a real-time freight visibility solution. A classic “Golden Triangle” approach that uses People, Process and Technology variables is one effective way to evaluate visibility tool implementation. In this eBook, we’ll […]

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