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How to Track Carrier ELDs for Increased Visibility Compliance

Increase Visibility with Carrier ELDs

What You’ll Learn

  • What are ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices) and their purpose for freight industry
  • How ELDs help increase visibility and the benefits they provide
  • The top 10 most popular ELD providers
  • The differences between ELDs and other freight tracking methods

With several options available to track third party carriers, find out why utilizing a carrier ELD system is a great strategy for freight brokers and 3PLs.

ELDs have helped replaced manual logbooks which were solely reliant on self-recording of the truck driver. Electronic logging devices (ELDs) are intended to create a safer work environment for drivers of commercial motor vehicles, and make it easier and faster to accurately track, manage, and share data on driving and off-duty time.

In this white paper, we’ll go over the basics of ELDs and how using this technology helps provide the highest levels of tracking compliance, fulfills requirements for carriers, benefits customers, and follows government regulations.

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