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Combat Fraud with Descartes MacroPoint FraudGuard

We understand the detrimental impact of fraud in our industry. That’s why our latest innovation was designed to combat fraudulent activities.

Available to users at no additional cost, FraudGuard utilizes advanced tech to proactively assess and flag potential instances of carrier or driver fraud by evaluating billions of location and event data points.

Visibility data to help protect your business

In today’s market, proactive fraud prevention and monitoring is a key tool to shield against fraudulent activities related to carrier information, tracking, and shipment status.

By promoting collaboration and trust among carriers, shippers, and customers, Descartes MacroPoint FraudGuard lays the foundation for stronger partnerships and a more secure logistics ecosystem.

Proactive Fraud Detection

Enable early detection of potential fraud to help prevent disruption and financial risk.

Cost Savings

Protect revenue and enable potential cost savings by avoiding the repercussions of fraud.

Enhanced Reputation and Trust

Identify and promote reliable carriers, enhancing service levels, industry reputation, and trust.

How we get you started?

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With our advanced technology and proactive approach, you can trust that your operations are more protected, your partnerships are strengthened, and your business can thrive

Block Fake Location Pings

FraudGuard blocks location pings that are determined to be fake or spoofed and immediately credits the customer account for that order.

New Order Statuses for Fraud Detection

Utilize new order status for ‘possible fraud detected,’ allowing for quick identification and action.

Location and Image Verification

Verify the current freight location and confirm that the driver is on-site based on delivery photo metadata.

Email Alerting for Possible Fraud

Receive email alerts when an order is in ‘possible fraud detected’ status, ensuring timely awareness and response to potential fraud incidents.

Swick Logistics Success Story

“Fraud is a serious and growing problem in the industry. The costs associated with, for example, stolen loads, double brokering and mode switching, can be significant. Worse, it’s extremely challenging for stakeholders to find effective and timely resolutions when incidents do occur. With Descartes MacroPoint, we will have a new way to automate the early detection of potential fraud, which will be crucial to preventing disruptions for our customers, mitigating financial risk, and building trust with our shipper and carrier communities.”

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Omer Ramušević

Director of Business Development, Swick Logistics