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Let’s get you tracking

Getting started with Descartes MacroPoint is simple and seamless every time—no matter how complex your network, or how big your objectives.

That’s because we offer expert support and guidance through every step of the journey: from onboarding, to implementation, to the months after you go live.

Learn more about how the process works below.


Defining your needs

First, we take the time to understand how you operate, and what your goals are.

From how you track shipments, to the way you manage your data, we work with you to develop a detailed understanding of your organization, before configuring our platform to match.

We’ll also take a look at the carriers you work with and develop an outreach campaign to get you connected to them.

  • Studying your operational workflows
  • Defining success criteria and project milestones
  • Launching carrier outreach campaign


Prepping your integrations

Next, we look at the different tools and technologies you want integrated into your MacroPoint platform, and develop a plan to make this happen.

We scope out a phased integration timeline with a schedule that’s clear, easy to follow, and allows you to run your business as usual.

Plus, you can configure the algorithms, alerts and other aspects of our software to fit the specific dynamics of your logistics operations.

  • Reviewing your technical documentation and integration options
  • Creating a phased integration timeline
  • Identifying key features and use cases for system integration
  • Configuring custom settings (e.g. geofencing, ETA algorithms, exception alerts, notifications)


Validation testing

Now we’ve configured your systems, it’s time to put them to the test.

We work in collaboration with you to validate and proof your systems—scanning through all your workflows and mappings to make sure everything works as it should.

Then, we work with your key stakeholders and decision-makers to get a system launch date locked into the calendar.

  • System Validation
  • Collaborating with key internal stakeholders
  • Identifying and fixing incorrect workflows or mappings
  • Setting a launch date


System launch

After testing is complete, we help launch MacroPoint into your business.

This involves an intensive sprint program and carrier bootcamp to prepare all parties for system launch, and ensure success is a certainty.

  • Carrier success bootcamp
  • Checking carrier data for completeness and accuracy
  • Coaching users on carrier engagement and best practices
  • Coaching carriers on self-service tools to improve tracking


Ongoing success

Congratulations—you’re now officially connected to the Descartes MacroPoint network. Once your solution goes live, we assign you a dedicated customer success manager.

They remain on hand to offer you their guidance and support going forward, as both the MacroPoint platform and your business continues to evolve and grow.

  • Long-term success monitoring
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Identifying opportunities to enhance your business and grow

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