Dock Appointment Scheduling— timed to perfection

Our AI-driven, real-time ETAs enable scheduling alerts that prioritize appointment updates for less waste and more deliveries.

Descartes MacroPoint’s Dock Appointment Scheduling software coordinates delivery time slots accurately and automatically, helping you to increase warehouse efficiency, improve inventory turnover, and keep wait times to an absolute minimum.

Maximize DC, store and warehouse efficiency

Managing your operation with a dock appointment scheduler helps prevent bottlenecks by automating the flow of inbound deliveries.

This ensures you always have the right resources and labor capacity to handle your inbound schedule.

No more wasted time

Process automation and prioritization allows you to increase your warehouse efficiency, slash your waiting times, and reduce detention charges

Faster booking

Instant access to loading dock visibility means you can schedule appointments the moment you need them.

Boosted inventory turnover

With more shipments on time, and scheduling conflicts easier to fix, you can enjoy greater profit margins, and better relationships with partners and carriers.

Less overtime, more control

With full visibility of the supply chain and DC schedule, you can reduce the risk of loads arriving outside regular working hours, thus avoiding overtime costs..

Clear communication

Giving all parties access to the same shared information helps to build trust and smooth over those common causes of dispute.


Online appointment scheduling at your fingertips

Our software offers direct access to both carriers and vendors, so all parties can plan their movements with precision.

Look back and plan ahead

Full visibility of your appointment booking history lets you track changes and communicate more clearly, while the ability to set recurring appointments for carriers allows you to stay consistent for the long haul.

All your documentation, right where you need it

Access everything from one place so you can keep a close eye on incidents and see a full history of communications.

Keep everyone in the loop

Carriers receive updates and notifications on everything from appointment confirmations and rescheduling to live shipment status.

One integrated data streams

Our scheduling software syncs smoothly with your WMS and TMS, giving you a far more efficient system, with all your supply chain data in one place.

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Descartes MacroPoint is purpose built to provide end-to-end visibility through every stage of the transportation journey, all from a single provider.

Command your dock door with precision

“Improving the command of our inbound and outbound transportation operations is critical for our business, and Descartes’ domain expertise and cloud-based solutions helped us plan and implement a technology deployment strategy that efficiently scaled across our distribution operations.”

Eric Sylvester

Director of Logistics at Cabela’s