Real-Time Freight Visibility Tracking: Keys to a Successful Implementation


What You’ll Learn

To realize the maximum value from your transportation management investment, download this eBook to learn about the 6 best practices for implementing a real-time freight visibility solution. A classic “Golden Triangle” approach that uses People, Process and Technology variables is one effective way to evaluate visibility tool implementation.

In this eBook, we’ll go through the six interdependent variables that contribute to a successful implementation, along with examples of specific key performance indicators indicative of top-performing companies:


User Access and Adoption – Know where data can be accessed, who has access to it and when it’s available

Logistics Provider Relationships – Visbility can only be gained with the participation of the carriers, owners and creators of the data.


Exception Management – Proactive alerts and informed decision making

Business Intelligence, Reporting, and Analytics – Capturing internal data and reporting performance metrics enabling predictive analytics


Integration – Integration with a TMS can expand shipment visibility beyond basic, brokered freight management to include real-time tracking data

Data Quality – Accurate, robust and actionable data throughout the entire network enables companies to make informed business decisions

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