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The ROI Behind Freight Visibility


Global supply chain visibility is a hot topic in today’s challenging business climate. Effective visibility tools are crucial to meet evolving customer expectations as competitors continue to raise the bar on service and performance.

Thanks to emerging technologies, companies now have the ability to get much more granular visibility data. However, they are searching for ways to measure its value in order to justify the financial investment in visibility solutions.

Our eBook will help answer questions like…
  • How does your company determine the ROI of supply chain visibility?
  • Do you know the greatest areas of visibility payback for your operations?
  • Are you extending the value to your partners and customers?
  • Do you maximize carrier coverage and compliance?

… by providing guidance on assessing real-time freight visibility solutions and featuring customer success stories with measurable results. We also explore how visibility creates value for teams, business units, and operations throughout an organization – beyond the transportation department.

Table of Contents
  • Trends and Challenges Driving Visibility Adoption
  • The Value of Visibility
  • Differentiate Customer Service
  • Reduce Costs: Detention, Tracking, and Labor
  • Streamline Inbound Deliveries
  • Visibility Payback: Customer Success Stories
  • Ensure Compliance From Carriers

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