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Supply Chain Visibility Summer 2024 G2 Grid Report


What’s in the report?

  • See the Leaders, High Performers, Contenders, and Niche Products in the Supply Chain Visibility Software Market
  • G2 Grid Scores for the Top Providers
  • Vendor Profiles with Capability Insights
  • Satisfaction Rating and Feature Comparisons
  • Leader Momentum Badge for Supply Chain Visibility & Freight Management Software

What is Supply Chain Visibility Software?

Supply chain visibility (SCV) software provides end-to-end tracking of raw materials, parts, and finished goods from manufacturing to the last mile. This software improves transparency in complex supply chain networks, which increases the quality of the products and services delivered. Companies use supply chain visibility solutions to optimize inventory levels and transportation activities, which translates to increased profitability. SCV software is mainly used by distribution companies, procurement businesses, and supply chain managers.

Download the report to learn more about what makes supply chain visibility platforms different from other supply chain technology.

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