In logistics and supply chain management, one of the common challenges faced by companies is connecting carriers to visibility platforms.

This seemingly complex process often results in a host of pain points, including difficulties in tracking progress with carriers, extended delays in ELD (Electronic Logging Device) connections, and the manual management of each carrier. However, there is a solution that can transform this cumbersome process into a seamless, efficient operation.

Common Pain Points

  1. Hard to See Progress with Carriers:
    Many companies struggle with a lack of visibility when it comes to monitoring the progress of carrier onboarding in real-time. This lack of transparency can result in operational inefficiencies, delayed shipments, and increased overhead costs. Without tools or views to manage carriers through onboarding, tracking can become a frustrating experience.
  2. ELD Connections Take Too Long:
    The process of connecting carriers’ ELDs to visibility platforms is often characterized by long lead times. This extended duration can negatively impact supply chain efficiency and result in delayed access to critical data needed for decision-making.
  3. It’s Too Manual to Manage Each Carrier:
    Manual management of carriers is time-consuming and error-prone. Companies often find themselves grappling with an overwhelming amount of administrative tasks, which can lead to miscommunication and increased operational overhead.

How Descartes MacroPoint Can Help

To overcome these challenges and simplify the carrier connection process, a self-guided platform for carriers can be the answer. Our platform offers a variety of features to streamline the process, making it quick and efficient for both carriers and the companies relying on their services.

  1. Self-Guided Platform for Carriers:
    The self-guided platform empowers carriers to connect their ELDs instantly with MacroPoint customers. Carriers can navigate the platform at their own pace, eliminating the need for constant back-and-forth communication and time-consuming setup processes.
  2. Choice from Over 300 Integrated Partners:
    Carriers can select their preferred ELD provider from a list of over 300 integrated partners. This flexibility allows them to choose the solution that best suits their needs and equipment, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the system.
  3. One-Click Enablement:
    Most integrated partners offer one-click enablement, instantly connecting their fleet to the Descartes MacroPoint visibility platform. This feature drastically reduces the time it takes to set up connections, providing companies with rapid access to valuable data.
  4. Carrier Validation by Integration to FMCSA:
    The system ensures carrier validation by integrating with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), assuring companies that they are partnering with are compliant carriers. This validation adds an extra layer of security and reliability to the entire process.
  5. No Support Tickets Required:
    The self-service platform minimizes the need for support tickets, reducing the administrative burden on companies. This not only saves time and resources but also simplifies the overall process.
  6. Real-Time Collaborative Dashboard:
    The platform offers access to a real-time collaborative dashboard that displays carrier status and next steps. This dashboard provides companies with up-to-the-minute information about their carriers, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their supply chain operations.

The Impact on your business – A Case Study

In a recent case study focused on the influence of self-service platforms within a brokerage firm, the data unveiled operational improvements thanks to the Descartes MacroPoint network.

Initially, the firm managed to onboard an average of 38 new ELD carriers per month. However, with the introduction of the self-service platform, this number surged to an average of 362 new ELD carriers monthly.

Furthermore, an uptick in compliance was observed, increasing nearly 10% over a span of six months for more than 150,000 monthly shipments.

Delving deeper into the mechanics of this self-activation, it’s noteworthy that three out of every four carriers effortlessly connected to Descartes MacroPoint’s ELD network without necessitating support or representative engagement.

Since its deployment in Spring 2023, there has been a striking 215% growth in the monthly net new carriers onboarded to MacroPoint. Not only has there been a 5% surge in overall compliance across the network, but shipments tracked by ELD also witnessed a growth of 25% in the last half-year.

These compelling figures exemplify the transformative capabilities of self-activation platforms in the supply chain visibility landscape.

The Impact on Carriers

A seamless and efficient activation process means a positive experience for carriers. This improves relationships for all parties and creates a broker of choice reputation. Such a dynamic benefits carriers by simplifying their operations, which in turn creates a ripple effect. Carriers, recognizing the ease and efficiency of collaborating with a top-tier broker, are more inclined to offer favorable rates. Essentially, when a carrier understands that partnering with a specific broker streamlines their workflow, it builds trust. This trust, underpinned by operational efficiency, can lead to better negotiations and enhanced collaboration, solidifying the broker’s position in the market and ensuring a win-win scenario for both parties.

“I understand the necessity of tracking and have never had any negative issues with MacroPoint. Other tracking systems have been problematic, complicated, unreliable, or overbuilt with other features or marketing. I will not haul for companies that use *********.”

John, Descartes MacroPoint Carrier User

Final Thoughts

The challenge of connecting carriers to visibility platforms is indeed a common pain point for many companies in the logistics industry. However, with the implementation of a self-guided platform like the one offered by Descartes MacroPoint, these challenges can be transformed into opportunities for streamlined, efficient operations.

With the ability for carriers to instantly connect their ELDs, choose from integrated partners, and access a real-time collaborative dashboard, companies can ensure their supply chains operate smoothly, while minimizing the complexities and delays associated with carrier connections.

Embracing this solution can bring a new level of transparency and efficiency to the logistics and supply chain industry.

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