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What Is Descartes MacroPoint FraudGuard?

Customer Experience Webinar

What You’ll Learn

Explore how Descartes MacroPoint’s FraudGuard effectively mitigates fraud in the logistics industry through advanced technology. You’ll gain insights into how FraudGuard proactively detects fraudulent activities, ensuring accurate data and enhancing security measures. Additionally, learn about the significant benefits FraudGuard offers, such as early fraud detection, cost savings, and improved trust and collaboration among carriers and shippers.

Details covered include:

  • Learn about the launch of Descartes MacroPoint Fraudguard and it’s origin
  • Key capabilities such as blocking fake pings, verify locations, early fraud detection, cost savings, improved carrier performance.
  • How Fraudguard tackles sophisticated fraud, adapts to data overload, integrates seamlessly, and requires user training.
  • Learn how the platform improves trust and reputation by identifying and promoting reliable carriers.