How To Keep Carriers Happy And Performance High During Peak Season

Customer Experience Webinar

What You’ll Learn

Dan Cicerchi, General Manager and Vice President of transportation management solutions at Descartes, sits down with FreightWaves to discuss various ways for brokers and 3PLs to improve service and keep morale high during this year’s peak season.

Working diligently with carriers is essential to building relationships and finding success in the freight industry. As peak season approaches, its important for brokers and 3PLs to accommodate carriers’ specific needs in order to improve service levels.

Details covered include:

  • Why it’s important to meet carriers where they are in terms of capability
  • Why some of the traditional processes are no longer compatible with today’s market
  • The golden rule of carrier management — ‘treating carriers how they want to be treated’
  • How addressing customers’ needs and improving their technology experience are key during peak season