FreightWaves F3 Recap – Dan Cicerchi On ‘What The Truck?!?’

Customer Experience Webinar

What You’ll Learn

Dan Cicerchi, General Manager and Vice President of transportation management solutions at Descartes, sits down with the FreightWaves ‘What The Truck!?!’ podcast to discuss empowering carriers, booking owner operators, and improving efficiency in the industry.

Working diligently with carriers is essential to building relationships and finding success in the freight industry. For brokers & 3PLs to find success, they need to go beyond traditional sourcing methods and accommodate carriers’ specific needs in order to improve service levels.

Details covered include:

  • Why brokers should be flexible with technology in order to source the right carrier
  • The importance of relationships between carriers and their freight brokers
  • Why brokers need to ‘treat carriers they way they want to be treated
  • How Descartes MacroPoint is providing capabilities and flexibility to all freight parties