State of the Industry 2022 Experts Panel

Customer Experience Webinar

What You’ll Learn

As the global marketplace heads into the third year of the pandemic, the supply chain faces a completely unique transportation crisis. We’ve seen the global economy reach critical states, the rapid rise of inflation, freighter ships piling up at ports, and major motor carriers shedding customers due to a capacity shortage.

Watch the industry panel featuring Adrian Gonzalez, President, Adelante SCM and Zach Strickland, Director of Freight Market Intelligence, FreightWaves to hear their perspective on a variety of topics and their outlook for the rest of 2022 and beyond.

Details covered include:

  • Current state of the TM industry and it’s effect on shippers
  • The major takeaways of the global marketplace in the past year (and start of pandemic)
  • Current supply chain challenges and disruptions
  • Analysis, predictions, and a roadmap of the future