Ocean Visibility Industry Update Presented By Descartes

Customer Experience Webinar

What You’ll Learn

Learn from Bob Derin, Director of Product Management at Descartes, as he explains the new developments of ocean visibility, customs filing, and customs visibility. The new Descartes MacroPoint solution now includes US Customs Import data, giving users transparency into the entire ocean shipping process. Users can track shipments in real-time, receive alerts on port statuses and in-transit locations, and access key performance indicators for optimization. Additionally, clients can integrate other Descartes solutions, such as customs declarations and global trade intelligence, to ensure compliance and make informed business decisions.

Details covered include:

  • Gain insights into the latest developments in the ocean visibility industry
  • How the ocean visibility solution now provides US Customs Import data in an accessible way previously unavailable through visibility platforms
  • Users can track shipments in real-time and access crucial information about port statuses, in-transit locations, and temperature monitoring.
  • Learn about integrations with other Descartes solutions, allowing clients to ensure compliance, leverage customs data, and make informed business decisions