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2022 Ocean Shipping Outlook. Avoiding Supply Chain Disruption.

Customer Experience Webinar

What You’ll Learn

The industry is currently facing bottlenecks as capacity continues to remain constrained. Global shipping demand is also forecasted to continue to increase throughout the year. With COVID-related shutdowns and delays occurring at major container terminals around the world; closures, congestion, and their impacts on lead times have become difficult to predict. Preparation is key.

Listen in to Chris Jones, EVP, Industry and Services at Descartes and Isaiah Buchanan, Assistant Producer at FreightWaves discuss the future trends and challenges of the ocean shipping industry

Details covered include:

  • Volatility around maritime shipping and the ocean market
  • The effect of supply chain disruptions and how it will impact shippers
  • How shippers can be better prepared utilizing platforms with real-time visibility
  • Utilization of advanced ocean visibility for key data such as ETA, tracking, and automation