Real-Time Freight Visibility

Never Lose Sight of Another Load

Descartes MacroPoint for LSPs

We want to help you meet your customers’ visibility demands and simplify your workflow. By eliminating check calls through real-time tracking and automated alerts, MacroPoint enables you to make the best use of your time while maintaining top-quality service for your customers.

Key Features & Benefits

Real-Time Multi-Modal Visibility

View the location and updated ETA of every shipment simultaneously in real-time.

Automated Status Updates

Receive automated departure, arrival and pre-arrival notifications with customizable geofencing.

Advanced Search & Filtering

Leverage user-defined fields to create custom views for customers, shipment characteristics, and more.

SKU-Specific Shipment Details

Respond appropriately to shipments at-risk for late delivery based on their contents.

Carrier Performance Reporting

Automate carrier scorecards and KPI reporting. Create custom reports for other objectives.

Temperature Monitoring

Supply chain visibility from Descartes MacroPoint will soon include temperature monitoring.

Eliminate Check Calls

Automated alerts replace the need for the majority of check calls, freeing up staff resources.

Mitigate Supply Chain Risk

Predictive analytics help you respond to delays before and as they occur instead of hours after.

Descartes MacroPoint improves service performance and enhances productivity across the supply chain for Schneider.

“Once we started tracking loads with MacroPoint we saw an improvement in service performance because we can automate the process of providing shippers with the visibility into load status that they require. MacroPoint automated load tracking is what EDI was in the past. It improves productivity for our associates through its integration with our transportation management system because it has eliminated the need for hundreds of checks calls with carriers and drivers. When it comes to getting the visibility they need, a growing number of our customers are asking for MacroPoint.”

Ben Schuchart
VP of Brokerage Operations at Schneider

TMS Integrations

Standard Integrations Below, Custom Integrations Available