Descartes MacroPoint™, a leading platform amongst supply chain visibility software, has received notable recognition in the G2 Grid Reports® for Winter 2024. The team at Descartes MacroPoint is delighted to announce its continued leadership in the industry, having secured top positions in several categories: 

  • #1 Overall Leader in the Supply Chain Visibility Software & Freight Management Software G2 Grid® Reports 
  • Leader Enterprise Badge for Supply Chain Visibility & Freight Management Software 
  • Momentum Leader Badge for Supply Chain Visibility Freight Management Software 
  • Leader Americas Badge for Supply Chain Visibility Freight Management Software 

These accolades showcase the ongoing satisfaction and success of Descartes MacroPoint users within the freight industry. The achievements are also supported by over 387 reviews and a 4.6 out of 5-star rating. 

Mike Hane, Director of Product Marketing at Descartes, shared his thoughts on the G2 Winter 2024 Grid Report: 

The Descartes MacroPoint team is honored by the continuous recognition from the G2 user community. It reaffirms our commitment to delivering the most accurate and reliable supply chain solutions to our clients. Our focus remains on leading the industry in tracking compliance across all modes and providing actionable data to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of global supply chains.” 

Here’s what some of our users had to say about Descartes MacroPoint: 

Industry Leader in Global Logistics Tracking 

“As the IT director at my company, nothing stresses me out more than dealing with software companies that have transactional models. They will help me for a short time, then they start charging me more money and make things more difficult for us to resolve issues. Macropoint does not do this. They have many easy to use portals for us online and continue to reach out to us to make sure that our team is running as effectively as possible. It seemlessly integrates with our TMS system and we have implemented it on every single load in our system. Eimy, Mathew, and Sandra have been incessantly helpful and we use all of the features daily.” 

Great Company to Work With. Great Customer Service 

“MacroPoint is very beneficial to our business and it is a great platform to use for digital tracking. They are very helpful when questions arise and get back to us in a timely manner. The people who work there are very knowledgeable and always put you first. Very friendly people and work in a quick and efficient manner.” 

Efficient and User Friendly 

“MacroPoint has made tracking loads with customers much easier. I don’t have constantly check the truck’s ELD and relay status multiple times per day via email. I just have to put in the truck # and it tracks the truck every couple hours from start to finish. It took very little time to set up and easy to connect to new customers. It has become part of my daily operations. When there is an issue, customer support has been very quick to respond and fix the issues relatively quickly with no hassle.” 

Additional G2 ratings for the Descartes MacroPoint product include: 

Meets Requirements – 9.1/10 

Ease of Use – 9.1/10 

Ease of Setup – 9.0/10 

Ease of Doing Business With – 9.4/10 

Quality of Support – 9.0/10 

Ease of Admin – 9.2/10 

About Descartes MacroPoint: 

Descartes MacroPoint is a real-time visibility platform designed to empower shippers, freight brokers, and logistics service providers to take command of their shipments and freight movements. The platform offers real-time shipment tracking, status alerts, and estimated-time-of-arrival (ETA) data on shipments, establishing connections with road, air, and ocean carriers through a mix of telematics/electronic logging devices, transportation management systems, a mobile driver application, APIs, and the Descartes Global Logistics Network™ — the world’s largest multimodal messaging network. 

Descartes MacroPoint serves as an essential tool for enhancing customer service, improving distribution efficiency, fostering better collaboration with customers, suppliers, and carriers, and minimizing the impact of disruptions and late delivery penalties.