Efficiency and predictability are crucial in the shipping industry, particularly when it comes to coordinating global imports and exports across the ocean. However, challenges such as port congestion, en-route changes, voyage damages often make achieving these goals difficult.

Unreliable and inaccurate data from ports, terminals, and ocean carriers further disrupts shipment visibility, causing friction for shippers, freight brokers, and third-party logistics providers (3PLs). To address these issues, Descartes MacroPoint, a comprehensive supply chain visibility and capacity solution, is empowering stakeholders by providing actionable visibility data.

In a recent discussion between FreightWaves’ Isaiah Buchanan and Robert Derin, Director of Product Management at Descartes MacroPoint, the focus was on how the platform is revolutionizing visibility data for shippers, freight brokers, and 3PLs. Descartes MacroPoint’s latest product announcement revealed that its ocean visibility solution now offers accessible US Customs Import data, which was previously unavailable through visibility platforms. This breakthrough enables users to gain transparency into data and locations throughout the entire ocean shipping process.

With MacroPoint, stakeholders can access real-time shipment status and condition information, analyze data, predict outcomes, and communicate their data/insights to the proper parties. The platform leverages multimodal visibility, predictive analytics, and an automated communication system. For ocean carrier data, users receive alerts on origin and destination port statuses, in-transit locations, and temperature monitoring. Additionally, the solution provides access to key performance indicators, enabling users to monitor network performance and make optimization-driven decisions.

Recently, the ocean visibility solution expanded its capabilities by integrating US Import Customs data. This integration incorporates over 50 Customs Responses, including Filing Status, Holds, ISF Filing, and Customs Release. Users have the flexibility to work with their preferred customs broker or filer while maintaining access to their customs data feed within the MacroPoint product.

Moreover, MacroPoint clients now have the option to integrate other Descartes solutions into their system, such as customs declarations and security filings, ensuring compliance. They can also tap into extensive global trade intelligence, including import and export databases from ports and governments worldwide. This rich information empowers businesses to make well-informed decisions based on real data.

Robert Derin emphasized the advantage of being part of the Descartes family, as it allows leveraging their products and expertise to provide a unique and differentiated offering.

Ultimately, Descartes MacroPoint’s enhanced accessibility in its one-stop ocean visibility solution enables stakeholders to increase their operational efficiency and deliver improved service to their customers.

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