Capacity Matching

Descartes MacroPoint™ automatically matches available capacity from your trusted carrier network to open customer loads. If no trucks are available, Descartes MacroPoint™ can exponentially expand your trusted carrier network with verified capacity from the industry-leading capacity co-op.

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The Capacity Crunch

Securing capacity has never been more challenging. The capacity crunch now faced by the transportation and logistics industry is due to a combination of factors, including but not limited to the driver shortage, the ELD mandate, stricter transportation requirements and the rapid growth of e-commerce, which has shifted distribution models to meet changing consumer expectations.


Traditional methodologies used to find capacity simply aren’t keeping up!


  • Your trusted carrier network is time-consuming and therefore costly to contact day after day, and trucks aren’t always available.
  • Private portals suffer from limited participation and cannot provide a complete view of your carrier network.
  • Traditional load boards contain outdated and unverified data, making it difficult to find reputable carriers and limit service risks.

Platform Overview

Automated Capacity Matching

Brokers can enter loads to be automatically matched to open capacity within their existing carrier network without all the manual work.

Capacity Sharing Co-Op

Brokers can share unused capacity through a voluntary opt-in network in return for exponentially more, usable capacity information.

Market Visualizations

Brokers can view overall market capacity in and out of their carrier network and it is mapped relative to open customer loads.

Unlock Your Growth Potential

The capacity crunch is a huge opportunity for brokers who embrace technology. Descartes MacroPoint™ enables logistics service providers to…


  • Cover loads faster with data-driven freight matching
  • Find optimized rates with ideal booking windows
  • Protect margins in competitive lanes
  • Strengthen carrier relationships through reduced deadhead and increased backhauls
  • Grow their business with new-found capacity

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We want to enable the current marketplace to collectively grow faster, stronger and more efficient. Capacity is the value that freight brokers and 3PLs provide to their customers; Descartes MacroPoint™ can help you provide greater capacity. We focus on helping brokers leave behind their manual processes, thereby enabling them to reduce cost, expand margins and maintain their value to the shipper community.

Capacity Matching vs. Digital Freight Matching

Digital freight matching solutions enable shippers to directly book carriers online through software automation. Naturally, this dis-intermediates freight brokers and 3PLs, ignoring the expertise and relationships these companies have developed after countless years in business in a complex industry.


Unlike freight matching solutions, capacity matching enables freight brokers and 3PLs by helping them find capacity for open customer loads through software automation. This empowers logistics service providers facing the challenge of a highly fragmented truckload market. With hundreds of thousands of unique carriers and niche capabilities, the vast majority of available capacity exists with the smaller carriers that are often unknown to themselves or their shipper customers.