Capacity Matching for Brokers

Descartes MacroPoint™ provides advanced carrier sourcing and capacity matching capabilities. With Descartes MacroPoint you can source carriers more quickly, and find carriers that fit your network, resulting in stronger more profitable relationships. Furthermore, dynamic sourcing automatically matches available capacity from your trusted carrier network to open customer loads. If no trucks are available, we can exponentially expand that network with verified capacity from our industry-leading capacity network.

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Capacity Sourcing in a Dynamic Market

Over the past few years, finding freight capacity has become much more volatile from the tightening up due to trade lane changes, weather impacts or loosening more quickly with excess capacity. As a result, companies shifted distribution models to meet changing consumer expectations.  This dynamic market has challenged brokers, 3PLs and shippers become more agile to find available capacity.


The market has grown even more volatile as countries around the world deal with a global pandemic and companies once again shift distribution models to meet demand surges for medical supplies and consumer essentials.  Capacity is being impacted by factors such as driver availability, heavily regulated transportation in specific locations and unprecedented supply chain disruptions.


Now, more than ever, logistics service providers need help finding available trucks to handle loads as quickly as possible. Traditional, time-intensive methods can’t keep pace in a very volatile market. With Descartes MacroPoint you can source new carriers, view overall market capacity and automatically match loads to open capacity.

Platform Overview

Strategic Carrier Sourcing

Access a rich carrier history to find the right carriers that match your network. A better match with a carrier’s network, results in better performance, increased predictability and creates greater margins.

Automated Capacity Matching

Enter and automatically match loads to open capacity within your existing carrier network without all the manual work.

Capacity Network

Share unused capacity through a voluntary opt-in network and gain exponentially more, usable capacity information in return.

Market Visualizations

View and map overall market capacity in and out of your carrier network to open customer loads.

Unlock Your Growth Potential

Brokers who embrace technology can grow their business with newfound capacity to be more competitive in a volatile market.  With Descartes MacroPoint, logistics service providers can:


Find New Carriers


  • Know their preferred lanes and specialization
  • See which carriers are strong in lanes you serve
  • Easily on-board certified carriers


Book Profitable Loads More Rapidly


  • Book and cover loads faster with data-driven freight matching
  • Find optimized rates with ideal booking windows
  • Protect margins in competitive lanes


Build Stronger Carrier Relationships


  • Potentially give them new business through the capacity network
  • Increase their utilization with fewer deadheads and more backhauls

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Descartes MacroPoint understands that capacity is the value freight brokers and 3PLs provide to their customers.  We can help you provide greater capacity by automating your processes, thereby enabling you to reduce costs, expand margins and increase your value to the shipper community. Simply submit the form to request a demo and we will schedule a time for an experienced representative to guide you through the platform.

Capacity Matching vs. Digital Freight Matching

Automated capacity matching and digital freight matching – two terms that sometimes are used interchangeably.  But there is a difference, and we would like to set the record straight to remove any confusion.


Digital freight matching solutions allow shippers to directly book carriers online using software automation.  They dis-intermediate freight brokers and 3PLs, and do not take advantage of the expertise and relationships those companies have developed over countless years in a complex industry.


In contrast, capacity matching solutions help freight brokers and 3PLs find capacity for open customer loads through software automation. They empower logistics service providers facing the challenge of a highly fragmented truckload market with hundreds of thousands of unique carriers and niche capabilities.  Capacity matching is designed to enable the current marketplace to collectively grow faster, stronger and more efficient.