Automated Track And Tracing For Brokered Loads.transparent-box

3rd Party Location Tracking Software for Shippers

Find 3rd party drivers quickly, easily and in real-time

MacroPoint is engineered to remove the guesswork from tracking brokered assets during transit. The only location tracking software built to work on ANY cell phone, MacroPoint’s patented technology delivers real-time, validated information for 3rd party drivers and outside carriers. With no hardware to download, this completely automated system ensures increased visibility and control to the shipping supply chain.

  • Deploy your own Automated Track and Trace Solution
  • Real Time Insight and Updates – 100% Transparency in your supply chain
  • Get proactive notifications for loads behind schedule
  • Integrate easily with most TMS platforms
  • Pay Per Load pricing

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Trust Your Freight with The Best

The world’s largest shippers trust their freight with MacroPoint. With a growing base of 1,000 plus customers and over 300,000 drivers logged into our system, MacroPoint has established itself as the leader in 3rd party shipment tracking.

Integrate with Trusted TMS Technology

MacroPoint is built to integrate with the software that today’s shippers are already using to manage their supply chain. With a long list of integrated TMS partners, MacroPoint offers the promise of real-time, validated shipping updates.

Scale To Match Business Needs

Built for rapid deployment and easy driver on boarding, MacroPoint offers the scalability to match the evolving demands of today’s shippers. With no hardware to install and no long term contracts, load tracking can be deployed on an as need or per load basis.

Enhance Tracking Accuracy

Check calls are not just time consuming. They are filled with the potential for inaccuracies. Offering real-time, 3rd party validated visibility, MacroPoint delivers the peace of mind that comes with always knowing where every shipment is located.

Track 3rd Party Drivers Using Their Existing Cell Phone

Drivers have cell phones. But, only 30% of drivers have a smart phone. Only MacroPoint’s patented track and trace software can track 100% of phones used by drivers.

  • Automated Arrival & Departure Alerts
  • Works on Any Driver’s Cell Phone
  • Pay Per Load, No Long Term Commitments
  • Off Schedule Alerts
  • Real-Time Location Tracking
  • No Hardware Required

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“MacroPoint’s solution is a great example of simplicity and power. Receiving tracking data directly into our TMWSuite and TruckMate platforms without proactive phone calls adds another level of efficiency, saves valuable time, and makes managing by exception even easier.”

- Brad Young, Principal of Brokerage and Asset Light, TMW