Supply Chain Visibility Software

Track Any Shipment Regardless of Device, Carrier or Mode

A Visibility Solution for Shippers & Logistics Service Providers

Descartes MacroPoint is the leading multi-modal, supply chain visibility platform used by shippers, brokers and 3PLs alike to obtain real-time visibility over their in-transit freight. From transporting raw material to home delivery, logistics tracking and analysis is essential to increasing delivery performance and improving customer satisfaction.

Descartes MacroPoint for Shippers

Descartes MacroPoint for LSPs

Introducing the Control Tower

One Place to See Everything that Matters

Visualize Every Shipment with Dynamic ETAs

The Descartes MacroPoint Control Tower consolidates and visualizes your logistics tracking data all in one place allowing you to view, analyze, predict & report visibility data in real time. Our dynamic ETAs factor for things like speed, hours of service, truck specific routing, live traffic and weather. Utilize Off-Schedule Filtering to enable “manage by exception” capabilities and keep your focus where it is needed most.

Key Features & Benefits

Real-Time Multi-Modal Visibility

View the location and updated ETA of every shipment simultaneously in real-time.

Automated Status Updates

Receive automated departure, arrival and pre-arrival notifications with customizable geofencing.

Advanced Search & Filtering

Leverage user-defined fields to create custom views for customers, shipment characteristics, and more.

SKU-Specific Shipment Details

Respond appropriately to shipments at-risk for late delivery based on their contents.

Carrier Performance Reporting

Automate carrier scorecards and KPI reporting. Create custom reports to support other business objectives.

Temperature Monitoring

Real-time supply chain visibility from Descartes MacroPoint will soon include temperature monitoring.