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in Freight Visibility

Real Time Visibility with the MacroPoint Control Tower Platform

MacroPoint is a global freight visibility platform for shippers, brokers and 3PLs to get real time visibility on the freight they have entrusted to third-party carriers to truly enable “Manage by Exception” capabilities.

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The Visibility Platform

Control-Tower Functionality at your Fingertips

Always Know Where Your Freight Is

Whether it’s on-time, behind, or ahead of schedule, you will have the tools to track any load, at any time with the MacroPoint Control Tower Platform

  • Predictive Analytics allowing you to manage by exception
  • Automated Arrival and Departure Detection with notifications
  • Off-Schedule Monitoring to identify loads as risk of late delivery
  • Share the Control Tower View with your customers
  • Tight integration with your TMS to align with the real world workflows
  • Highly customized reporting to align with your scorecard requirements

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