Descartes MacroPoint, a leading provider of supply chain technology, has been recognized as a leader in supply chain visibility and freight management software by G2 Business Software Reviews for Spring 2023.

This recognition is given for the highest rated software solutions G2 users which have resulted in high satisfaction and market presence scores.

Additionally, Descartes MacroPoint has been rated as the #1 easiest-to-use supply chain visibility software, further solidifying their commitment to providing user-friendly solutions. At Descartes MacroPoint, we are proud to continue setting the standard for supply chain technology and remain dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services to our clients worldwide.

As of April 2023, Descartes MacroPoint has received an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on G2, with 111 of the 133 reviews being 5 star reviews.

Dan Cicerchi, VP/General Manager of Transportation Management at Descartes, expressed great pride in being recognized as a leader in supply chain visibility by the G2 community. “This recognition means the world to the team at Descartes MacroPoint, as we’ve worked every day to provide the best possible solutions to improve the global supply chain.”

“At Descartes, the team’s efforts are focused on delivering industry-leading tracking compliance. Our commitment to our customers’ needs is reflected in the positive reviews we’ve received on G2 and will continue to further motivate us as we strive for excellence in all our areas of their work. With a passion for improving the global supply chain, the team at Descartes MacroPoint is dedicated to delivering exceptional results to their clients.”

Here is what users had to say about Descartes MacroPoint

Innovative freight tracking program that keeps moving forward

MacroPoint tracking helps keep track of our shipments. It keeps our customers assured that we are being responsible with their freight and validates any accessorial claims that we submit. (G2)

The platform is user friendly, easy to use, it has many tools and sharing the information is easy.

The most helpful tool is the Control Tower View, it helps a lot especially when you are tracking several loads at the same time, the search function is not that good, though. (G2)

It’s a great tool for carriers, brokers and customers

What I like best is that it has the option to track carriers through EDI and through mobile, giving us opportunity to use it almost in every case (G2)

Other ratings of the Descartes MacroPoint product from G2 include:

Meets Requirements – 9.4/10

Ease of Use – 9.3/10

Ease of Setup – 9.2/10

Ease of Admin – 9.3/10

Quality of Support – 9.2/10

About Descartes

With over three decades of experience, our team is a trusted global leader in supply chain technology, serving more than 24,000 customers worldwide. We understand the critical requirements and needs of businesses when it comes to a freight visibility platform and carrier network. Our goal is to provide our clients with total confidence in their supply chain, regardless of whether they’re a small owner-operator or a large billion-dollar enterprise.

Our commitment to efficiency, collaboration, and savings sets the standard for the entire supply chain industry. At our core, we aim to drive progress and innovation to create more seamless and reliable supply chain solutions.