At Descartes MacroPoint, we understand the detrimental impact of fraud in transportation and logistics. That’s why we’re excited to introduce FraudGuard, our latest innovation designed to combat fraudulent activities within our industry. Available to all MacroPoint users at no additional cost, FraudGuard utilizes advanced technology to proactively assess and flag potential instances of carrier or driver fraud by evaluating billions of location and event data points.

Purpose built to address market needs

In today’s market, industry stakeholders require proactive fraud prevention and monitoring tools. FraudGuard meets this need by providing advanced capabilities to identify and prevent fraudulent activities related to carrier information, tracking, and shipment status. Furthermore, it enhances security measures against fake or spoofed data, ensuring the accuracy of location and status updates. By promoting collaboration and trust among carriers, shippers, and other participants, FraudGuard lays the foundation for stronger partnerships and a more secure logistics ecosystem.

Keeping up with evolving fraud related challenges

Bad actors continuously evolve to more sophisticated tactics, presenting challenges for the industry in staying ahead of fraudulent activities. Additionally, the sheer volume of data in transportation and logistics can lead to data overload and fatigue for employees, making it essential to have advanced tools for analysis. To make the most of these tools, user awareness and training are crucial, while seamless integration with existing systems minimizes disruption to workflows. FraudGuard addresses these challenges head-on, providing early fraud detection capabilities and streamlined collaboration to mitigate potential disruptions.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

FraudGuard offers a range of capabilities to combat fraud effectively by:

  • Blocking location pings that are determined to be fake or spoofed and immediately crediting the customer account for that order
  • Creating new order statuses for ‘possible fraud detected’ 
  • Location verification of current freight location
  • Image verification that driver is on-site based on delivery photo metadata
  • Email Alerting when order is in ‘possible fraud detected’ status

Based on these capabilities, users can expect benefits such as:

  • Early Fraud Detection
    Enables early detection of potential fraud to help prevent disruption and financial risk.
  • Cost Savings
    Proactive prevention leads to potential cost savings by avoiding fraudulent repercussions.
  • Improved Carrier Scorecards
    Ensure accurate information, leading to improved carrier network performance
  • Enhanced Reputation and Trust with Customers/Carriers
    Identify and promote reliable carriers, enhancing service levels, industry reputation and trust.
  • Streamlined Collaboration and Mitigation
    Rely on facts when addressing concerns and disputes with carriers or partners

Join Us in the Fight Against Fraud

Descartes MacroPoint FraudGuard is more than just a feature; it’s a commitment to defending our customers from the threats posed by bad actors in the industry. With FraudGuard, you can trust that your operations are more protected, your partnerships are strengthened, and your business can thrive in an environment of trust and transparency. Join us in the fight against fraud and experience the peace of mind that comes with proactive protection.

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