MyCarrierPackets™, a leader in carrier onboarding and part of a suite of services under the MyCarrierPortal umbrella, has partnered with Descartes MacroPoint™ to usher in a new era of efficiency. The integration enables carriers to seamlessly self-onboard Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) with Descartes MacroPoint, eliminating delays and granting instant tracking capabilities alongside MyCarrierPackets’ onboarding process. 

Who is 

Assure Assist’s MyCarrierPackets is a unique Online Carrier Packet service that onboards carriers within minutes while at the same time:

  • Validates identity of the carrier with the proprietary Intellivite service
  • Validates compliance with fully customizable risk assessments which includes requirements for Certificates of insurance, Inspections, Authority, and safety.
  • Validates W9 information with the IRS

All while feeding the data directly into TMS systems and communicating to partners such as Descartes to improve process flow for carriers, brokers and partners. The MyCarrierPackets service decreases internal cost, improves efficiency, and lowers the exposure of fraud for its customers.  

How does the integration work? 

The integration introduces the MacroPoint self-service page within MyCarrierPackets’ setup packet, improving completion rates and tracking success for carriers. Adhering to FMCSA’s database, DOT validation ensures compliance and thwarts potential fraud. Whenever aid is required, Descartes MacroPoint’s support team can proactively step in, eliminating the need to look for support. The CEO of Assure Assist recently share their enthusiasm:

Collaborating with Descartes MacroPoint simplifies carrier onboarding. Merging our streamlined process with MacroPoint’s real-time visibility creates a seamless, efficient experience for carriers.” 

– Jay Pelkey, President/CEO, Assure Assist, Inc.

Three key integration benefits 

  1. Ease of use for carriers results in improved tracking compliance 
  1. No need to engage a MacroPoint representative to activate a new for carrier tracking 
  1. Ne delays in communication with the carrier, everything they need is in the self-service portal 

This integration signifies a milestone in our commitment to innovative solutions addressing transportation’s evolving needs. Enabling carriers to swiftly self-onboard ELDs empowers operational efficiency, data integrity, and regulatory compliance. 

-Josh Walker, Activations Manager at Descartes MacroPoint

More about MyCarrierPackets 

Once a carrier is onboarded they are automatically placed on the customers’ AssureAdvantage carrier monitoring list, where the carrier is monitored to ensure compliance and to continue validating identity of drivers and vehicles along with seeing ratings and fraud reports from other customers.

Setup is simple and generally takes 45 minutes. Each customer receives personal attention from our setup team. When customers signs up for the service, they upload their logos, select color schemes, upload legal documents such as Broker/Carrier Agreements, payment terms and conditions, etc…, and check the questions required or optional to ask freight carriers for an easy onboarding experience. Data is preloaded from the FMCSA and/or previous onboarding from other customers the carriers onboarded with. Changes can be made to our customers accounts on demand by a customer’s admin user(s). All services: MyCarrierPackets, intellivite, and AssureAdvantage are built together within MyCarrierPortal and the rates are extremely competitive. MyCarrierPortal decreases internal cost, improves efficiency, and lowers the exposure of fraud, identity theft, and double brokering for its customers. A clear choice for complete carrier servicing.

Assure Assist is so confident they have the best service, that they are the only one of it’s kind that provides a free 30 day trial of it’s service.

For further insights into Descartes MacroPoint’s new offerings and how to get started with this integration, request a demo or connect with your customer success manager today.