MyCarrierPortal™, a leader in carrier identity, fraud protection, and insurance monitoring for freight brokers, offering an unparalleled suite of services. In a groundbreaking partnership, Descartes MacroPoint™ and MyCarrierPortal have redefined efficiency in carrier onboarding.

Who is MyCarrierPortal? 

Distinguished as a unique Online Carrier Packet service, MyCarrierPortal ensures carriers are onboarded within minutes, setting itself apart through a multifaceted approach:

  • The proprietary Intellivite service validates the identity of carriers swiftly.
  • Compliance is assured with fully customizable risk assessments covering insurance certificates, inspections, authority, and safety requirements.
  • W9 information validation with the IRS is seamlessly integrated.

This robust onboarding process not only feeds data directly into Transportation Management Systems (TMS) but also enhances communication with partners like Descartes, streamlining processes for carriers, brokers, and collaborators. MyCarrierPortal not only reduces internal costs but significantly enhances efficiency while mitigating fraud exposure.

How does the integration work? 

The integration with Descartes MacroPoint introduces a self-service page within MyCarrierPortal’s setup packet, amplifying completion rates and success in tracking for carriers. Adhering to FMCSA’s database, DOT validation ensures compliance and safeguards against potential fraud. The ease of use for carriers results in improved tracking compliance, eliminating the need for engaging a MacroPoint representative to activate carrier tracking and ensuring no delays in communication.

Collaborating with Descartes MacroPoint simplifies carrier onboarding. Merging our streamlined process with MacroPoint’s real-time visibility creates a seamless, efficient experience for carriers.” 

– Jay Pelkey, President/CEO, Assure Assist, Inc.

Three key integration benefits 

  1. Ease of use for carriers results in improved tracking compliance 
  1. No need to engage a MacroPoint representative to activate a new for carrier tracking 
  1. Ne delays in communication with the carrier, everything they need is in the self-service portal 

This integration signifies a milestone in our commitment to innovative solutions addressing transportation’s evolving needs. Enabling carriers to swiftly self-onboard ELDs empowers operational efficiency, data integrity, and regulatory compliance. 

-Josh Walker, Activations Manager at Descartes MacroPoint

More about MyCarrierPortal 

Once onboarded, carriers become part of the customer’s monitoring list, ensuring ongoing compliance validation, identity checks for drivers and vehicles, and access to ratings and fraud reports from other customers. The setup process is simplified, taking approximately 45 minutes, with personalized attention from the setup team. MyCarrierPortal, encompassing MyCarrierPackets, Intellivite, and AssureAdvantage, boasts competitive rates, further enhancing its appeal.

Confident in its superior service, MyCarrierPortal offers an exclusive 30-day free trial. This confidence is backed by a commitment to providing complete carrier service, effectively reducing internal costs, improving efficiency, and minimizing exposure to fraud, identity theft, and double brokering. For those seeking further insights into Descartes MacroPoint’s offerings and the seamless integration process, a demo or connection with a customer success manager is just a request away. MyCarrierPortal continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions, reaffirming its status as the clear choice for comprehensive carrier services.

For further insights into Descartes MacroPoint’s new offerings and how to get started with this integration, request a demo or connect with your customer success manager today.