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Is your supply chain visibility data as accurate or reliable as you need it to be?

Powered by industry-leading carrier adoption, Descartes MacroPoint makes supply chain visibility simple for you and your transportation partners. That means better collaboration with your carriers, higher levels of customer satisfaction, and improved performance.


Our commitment to our users is driven by results

We believe in the power of authentic feedback. It’s our DNA. Hear from real users to see why we’re consistently chosen as an industry leader on G2 – the world’s largest and most trusted business solution review platform.

Descartes MacroPoint creates value with industry leading tracking compliance

Carrier connectivity is the raw material of supply chain data. Without it, predictive monitoring and actionable insights are impossible. That’s why we obsess over making sure users can connect with every carrier and every mode, globally.

Real-time multimodal visibility

View, predict and communicate the status of any shipment, at any time, across full truckload, LTL, ocean, rail, air, and parcel.

Precise location data and predictive ETAs

Manage by exception, overcome any obstacles and keep everything running on time.

Intelligent alerting

Dynamic updates inform you of changes as they occur, so you can proactively manage at-risk loads.

Higher levels of data integrity

Enhanced data insights mean enhanced management of carrier performance.

Reduce time spent tracking by 60%

Global supply chain visibility is a hot topic. Effective visibility tools need reliable data and an easy to use interface. Watch the video to learn how Descartes MacroPoint’s Visibility Platform creates value for operations throughout an organization and beyond the transportation department.

Explore what users are saying on G2

MacroPoint, all you need!!

It is easy to use and its interface is really friendly. Very intuitive, and useful. The support team is a great option if you have any questions or if you need help.

Makes my work pleasant

“Descartes MacroPoint offers real-time tracking and visibility of shipments, enabling you to monitor the movement and status of your goods throughout the supply chain. This feature can help you make informed decisions, anticipate delays, and improve overall logistics efficiency.”

Easy to use and very helpful to locate loads

“I like the ease of use and the time savings”

Work smarter, not harder

“MacroPoint provides a simple, and safer way to keep track of freight as it ships. Creating a smoother movement process for all parties involved.”

Reliable, User Friendly Software for Tracking Freight

“I can use MacroPoint’s reliable tracking to make accurate claims for detention, layover and TONU reimbursements from our customer. It not only saves money, but helps us make money.”

MacroPoint provides visibility you need to make your customers comfortable

“MacroPoint is mobile and ELD ready. No matter what type of equipment you are running, MacroPoint has a solution.”

Easy to use and very good features

“Easy to use and easy communication with customer, good support and helps reduce unnecessary communication with customers, and provides 24 hour visibility”

Accurate and timely

“MacroPoint is mobile and ELD ready. No matter what type of equipment you are running, MacroPoint has a solution.”

Powering enterprise-wide visibility

“Descartes MacroPoint has been a massive time saver for us. Prior to implementing the solution, we spent in the neighborhood of four to five hours per day tracking and receiving updates on loads. Now that most of the information is pushed from Descartes MacroPoint, we’re down to the two-hour mark for tracking loads—and we can always stay steps ahead of any shipment issue.”

Blue Semi Truck

Keegan McReady

Sr. Project Manager, Steelcase Inc.

Take the Next Step

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What to Look for in an Ocean Visibility Solution

Descartes has developed this buyer’s guide to help evaluate if container tracking software is for you, along with what features and benefits can be expected.