Join us and speak to the Descartes MacroPoint team at the McLeod Software User Conference.

Location: Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee

Date: Sunday, 9/25 – Tuesday, 9/27

Booth Number: 118

Transportation management teams face the constant challenge of supply chain disruptions and volatile economic changes. The Mcleod User Conference is designed to help educate organizations and the industry to help combat these challenges with training sessions, informative classes, and the speeches from the top industry leaders.

The Descartes MacroPoint team will hold a booth and present all things transportation management as well as our Descartes MacroPoint Real-Time Visibility and Capacity Sourcing Platforms.

Learn how…

  1. Our visibility platform can completely transform your supply chain with automated alerting, predictive ETA’s and true multimodal visibility.
  2. Our carrier sourcing platform offers an unmatched carrier network (325k+), streamlined load matching, and real-time carrier performance/insights.

Transportation management technology is essential to addressing these challenges and remaining competitive in 2022 and beyond. Utilizing the right solution is proven to enhance freight operations, increase capabilities, and ultimately improve customer experience.

We hope to see you there!