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Descartes MacroPoint, a global leader in supply chain technology has been named leader in supply chain visibility and freight management software by G2 Business Software Reviews for Winter 2023.
These badges were awarded for products which are highly rated by G2 users and have substantial satisfaction and market presence scores. It’s also noted that Descartes MacroPoint was rated the #1 easiest to use in supply chain visibility software.
As of December 2022, the company has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, with 90 of the 110 reviews being 5 star reviews.
When answering “Has the product been a good partner in doing business?” respondents provided a 9.6 out of 10 overall rating.
“We take great pride in our work and being rated by our customer community as a leader in supply chain visibility means the world to us.” said Dan Cicerchi, VP/General Manager, Transportation Management at Descartes.

“Our goal of improving the global supply chain is an everyday battle. We believe our efforts are realized through industry leading tracking compliance for our customers, which is their top priority, and why we have earned their positive reviews”

Here is what users had to say about Descartes MacroPoint

Perfect tool to track assets and keeping customer updated with automated location status updates.

“The user-friendly interface with all the features needed to include your customer. Your customer will appreciate the automatic updates. It gives you peace of mind while away from your desk. (G2)

Macropoint saves time and money.
  1. Easy monthly billing
  2. Tracking is accurate, and alerts provide us with better security
  3. Saves time with integration into our TMS
  4. It has become an industry standard; generally, drivers don’t have an issue accepting the tracking request. (G2)

MacroPoint is a great real time visibility provider

“We most appreciate the level of service they provide our team. Customers expect excellence of our company, and Descartes helps support the end goal of visibility to our carrier base. Issues, if they occur, are promptly responded to and resolved. (G2)

Other ratings of the Descartes MacroPoint product from G2 include:

  1. Meets Requirements – 9.3/10
  2. Ease of Use – 9.3/10
  3. Ease of Setup – 9.2/10
  4. Ease of Admin – 9.2/10
  5. Quality of Support – 9.2/10
  6. Product Direction – 8.9/10

About Descartes

As a global leader in supply chain technology trusted by more than 24,000 customers worldwide, our team understands the requirements and needs from a freight visibility platform and carrier network need. With more than three decades of experience our goal is for our clients to have total confidence in their supply chain
Whether you’re an owner-operator, a billion-dollar enterprise or anywhere in between, our promise is the same: we’re setting standards for efficiency, collaboration, and savings across the entire supply chain.