Customer Experience Webinar

Steelcase’s Customer Experience with Descartes MacroPoint™

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What You’ll Hear About

Freight visibility is one of the hottest topics in transportation. Companies are using visibility to improve how they serve customers and to cut costs. The use cases and business benefits are endless. The question is – where should you start and what are the challenges?


Register now to stream our webinar where you will learn how Steelcase is using real time freight visibility to serve their customers. In this webinar we will cover:


  • Different use cases for freight visibility
  • Best practices for carrier enablement
  • How SteelCase is using Descartes Macropoint
  • Where Steelcase sees freight visibility going in their supply chain
  • Key factors in what you should look for in a visibility solution

Who You’ll Hear From

Steve Banker

VP Supply Chain Services at ARC Advisory Group

Keegan McCready

Senior Project Manager at Steelcase

Brian Hodgson

Industry Marketing at Descartes