We Love Freight Sweepstakes

We’re Giving Away $10,000 This Month


At Descartes MacroPoint™, we love freight brokers. We appreciate your dedication to keep our world moving and your focus on customer satisfaction. The expectations are high, and deliveries are looming, so to celebrate your efforts, Descartes MacroPoint™ is giving away $500 to 10 Freight Brokers and 10 Truck Drivers every month for our We Love Freight Sweepstakes!

How to Enter the Sweepstakes:

1. Setup MacroPoint Tracking on all your loads

Whether you work through the app portal or a TMS integration. You can’t win if you aren’t tracking.

2. Enter the driver’s phone number

If the driver already has the app installed, that’s one entry. If you receive a “Requesting App Install” Status, see our Resource Center to help the driver install the app.

3. Focus on your next load

By automating the mobile tracking process, you now have more time to do what matters. Winners are selected the last day of each month.

About the App


Descartes MacroPoint™ for Truckers is the most trusted and secure mobile app to automatically communicate arrival, departure and in-transit freight location data in real time. MacroPoint for Truckers is cost-free for drivers and hands-free to use, ensuring a safe and uninterrupted driving experience.


Benefits & Features


  • 600,000 App Downloads by Drivers Already
  • Automatically activate tracking sessions
  • Reduce check calls & increase on-road performance
  • Receive real-time notifications and at-risk alerts
  • No additional hardware necessary
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Descartes MacroPoint™ for Truckers enables location sharing and other communication with your trusted carriers during active load assignments only and always over a secure connection.


The security and privacy of your data is our top priority.


Descartes MacroPoint™ for Truckers only enables location sharing during active load assignments from your trusted partners and always over a secure connection.

Any questions about the sweepstakes?

Please email DL-NA-MP-Driversweepstakes@descartes.com