Supply Chain Visibility Success Story

with Sunline

The Shaker Group is a full service transportation company. Driven to fulfill each of their customer’s unique distribution challenges, The Shaker Group offers a menu of services that includes Air Freight, Expedited Ground, Nationwide Truckload, International Import and Export, and Truck Brokerage.

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The Challenge:

With a steady stream of contract customers, each with always evolving transportation demands, Sunline needed to provide location updates on every load, even on shipments run by third party drivers and brokered carriers.

“Not only does MacroPoint provide load tracking visibility that integrates directly into our dispatch, but they have taken it a step further. With automated email alerts, there is no more wondering about the location of a load. Now everyone can get a good night’s sleep.”


Cory McLean
VP of Operations

The Solution:

With MacroPoint’s patented track and trace software fully integrated to their Prophesy Dispatch software, The Shaker Group now offers real-time location updates on all their brokered freight, a feature that gives them a distinct advantage over the competition.


Providing real-time location updates on loads run by third party drivers, that’s where MacroPoint makes the biggest impact. Whether freight is carried by a company driver or an outside carrier, customers expect a continued level of superior service. They need the peace of mind that comes from always knowing where their assets are during transit.


MacroPoint eliminates the reliance on check calls to third party drivers and outside carriers. By directly tracking driver cell phones, even flip phones, shippers, brokers and carriers receive real-time location updates on every load. Through off schedule monitoring, breadcrumb mapping and automated email alerts, MacroPoint eliminates the guesswork from tracking brokered freight.


“Not only does MacroPoint provide the load visibility that our customers demand,” said Cory McLean, VP of Operations, Sunline, ”but it integrates directly into our TMW system.” A TMW integrated track and trace solution that works on any cell phone, MacroPoint provides the real-time visibility and validated accuracy today’s shipping customers demand.

“MacroPoint integration offers automated position data for brokered loads as well as automated workflow directly within Prophesy Dispatch. MacroPoint is a valuable solution for brokers who wish to maintain the highest levels of efficiency and customer care.”


Robert Brothers
Manager of Product Development
McLeod Software

The Result:

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

By using the MacroPoint visibility platform, Sunline has now eliminated the cumbersome and time-consuming manual step of continuously communicating with carriers to determine truck and delivery information.

Improved Productivity

Shipping point and customer arrival information is now gathered automatically using MacroPoint’s geo-fence GPS technology, allowing Sunline to more accurately evaluate delivery reliability information, and implement optimization measures.

Automated Communication

After developing a proactive notification system for late deliveries, an essential customer need was solved by allowing the ability to adjust their shipping and receiving schedules in order to maintain efficient day-to-day operations.

Reduced Costs

By creating a real-time visibility ecosystem with automated communication, the ability to a create savings opportunities and optimize resources allowed for the best use of talent, technology and budget within our transportation operations.