Supply Chain Visibility Success Story

with Smokey Point Distributing

Smokey Point Distributing is a leader in time-sensitive aviation-related
transportation. An asset strong company backed by their logistic services. Smokey Point is a Daseke company, one of the 20 largest flatbed and specialty carriers in North America.

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The Challenge:

It has always been very difficult to get accurate and timely location updates on brokered loads. Traditional in-cab solutions are too costly to install and too difficult to deploy to all outside carriers.

“Just when we thought our carrier tracking process couldn’t get any more efficient, MacroPoint took it to a entirely new level. MacroPoint’s service, technology and TMS integration is allowing us to better the accuracy of our communication with both our customers and our partner carriers.”


Lee Michaud
Director of Operations
Smokey Point Distributing

The Solution:

MacroPoint offers an easy-to-use, affordable mobile platform allowing drivers to share their location and other load information via their existing cell phone.


Every truck driver has a cell phone. That’s why MacroPoint has quickly become a major player in the transportation and logistics arena. MacroPoint provides location updates, automated arrival detection, and other features through the drivers’ existing cell phones – even non-smartphones – allowing you to achieve real-time visibility and 3rd party validated information.


Improving your communications capabilities with customers and partner carriers can’t help but make your operation more efficient. Check calls are time consuming and add little to productivity, let alone your business’ bottom line. MacroPoint also allows brokers to have a larger “virtual fleet” of partner carriers to handle any kind of load with the same expectation of information accuracy and frequency of communication.


Millions of location updates have been delivered by MacroPoint – driver setup takes just seconds. With McLeod PowerBroker Software, MacroPoint is already integrated and set-up is simple. As Greg Kissell, IT Director at Smokey Point said, “Seamless integration with McLeod has simplified the carrier tracking process, reducing manual call volume and enhancing location accuracy. MacroPoint has been a great investment.”

“Choosing to partner with MacroPoint was a no-brainer – what they offer is so economical and comprehensive, it’s a pleasure being able to offer our clients such a dramatic step-up in communication abilities and accuracy.”


Robert Brothers
Manager of Product Development
McLeod Software

The Result:

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

By using the MacroPoint visibility platform, Smokey Point Distributing has now eliminated the cumbersome and time-consuming manual step of continuously communicating with carriers to determine truck and delivery information.

Improved Productivity

Shipping point and customer arrival information is now gathered automatically using MacroPoint’s geo-fence GPS technology, allowing Smokey Point Distributing to more accurately evaluate delivery reliability information, and implement optimization measures.

Automated Communication

After developing a proactive notification system for late deliveries, an essential customer need was solved by allowing the ability to adjust their shipping and receiving schedules in order to maintain efficient day-to-day operations.

Reduced Costs

By creating a real-time visibility ecosystem with automated communication, the ability to a create savings opportunities and optimize resources allowed for the best use of talent, technology and budget within our transportation operations.