Supply Chain Visibility Success Story

with Schneider Transportation Management

Schneider Transportation Management is the brokerage division of Schneider National, Inc., a leading transportation and logistics services company that operates one of the largest for-hire trucking fleets in North America. Schneider Transportation Management offers truckload, less-than-truckload, intermodal, temperature control and flatbed services through a pre-qualified pool of more than 25,000 carriers.

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The Challenge:

To improve service performance by providing faster and more accurate load tracking information.

Driven by shipper requests for faster updates and better visibility into load status, Schneider Transportation Management sought an automated freight tracking solution that would provide updated load location and status quickly and accurately.

To enhance brokerage and carrier productivity.

By automating load tracking, Schneider Transportation Management could eliminate the need for time-consuming check calls with carriers and drivers, enhancing carrier operations and improving driver quality of life.

“Once we started tracking loads with MacroPoint we saw an improvement in service performance because we can automate the process of providing shippers with the visibility into load status that they require. MacroPoint automated load tracking is what EDI was in the past. It improves productivity for our associates through its integration with our transportation management system because it has eliminated the need for hundreds of checks calls with carriers and drivers. When it comes to getting the visibility they need, a growing number of our customers are asking for MacroPoint.”


Ben Schuchart
VP Brokerage Operations
Schneider Transportation Management

The Solution:

Descartes MacroPoint’s patented, automated load monitoring and tracking software provides real-time load location visibility using any cell phone, in-cab ELD/GPS device, or trailer and container tracking system. The cloud-based solution enables location monitoring and tracking, delivery monitoring and event notifications, and exception management and predictive analytics capabilities.


Schneider Transportation Management now strongly prefers that many of the more than 25,000 carriers in its pool of freight haulers utilize one of the Descartes MacroPoint enabled methods of tracking loads and providing status updates. The freight location platform is also integrated with the MercuryGate TMS solution at Schneider Transportation Management.


MercuryGate International recently expanded and updated its integration with Descartes MacroPoint to include all forms of tracking. An early MacroPoint partner, MercuryGate’s integration with the load tracking solution was enabled via cell phone. By adopting the full MacroPoint functionality and network, the TMS provider can now provide direct carrier integration through in-cab telematics systems, EDI and trailer tracking technologies without the need to invest in additional software or hardware.

“We hold our pool of more than 25,000 carriers to the strictest standards in the industry so we can give our customers the accountability they need. With MacroPoint, our carriers can improve their productivity and service performance because they’re not getting 20 or more calls a day from us to update the status of every load and then have to call drivers. In that sense, MacroPoint also helps our carriers improve the quality of life for drivers while they’re on the road.”


Justin Sachs
Director of Operational Excellence
Schneider Transportation Management

The Result:

With Descartes MacroPoint, Schneider Transportation Management has enabled their operation to meet the growing need for load status updates and supply chain visibility from their shipper customers.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

With MacroPoint, Schneider Transportation Management has an automated freight tracking solution integrated with its TMS system that provides updated load location and status information quickly and accurately.

Improved Productivity

By automating load tracking with MacroPoint, Schneider Transportation Management is eliminating the need for hundreds of check calls to update load status with carriers and drivers, improving productivity for the brokerage, its carriers and drivers.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

The enhanced visibility into load status is now improving service performance and causing a growing number of the brokerage operation’s customers to ask for MacroPoint when tendering loads.

Reduced Costs

By creating a real-time visibility ecosystem with automated communication, the ability to a create savings opportunities and optimize resources allowed for the best use of talent, technology and budget within our transportation operations.