Supply Chain Visibility Success Story

with Mountain High Potato & Onion

Mountain High Potato & Onion Inc., headquartered in Keizer, OR, provides produce to wholesalers and retailers throughout North America. The company’s product originates mainly in Oregon, Washington and Idaho and is hauled in refrigerated trailers by for-hire carriers and owner-operators. Freight brokers arrange the majority of the 75 loads hauled each week.

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The Challenge:

To provide accurate delivery information to customers.

To enhance the quality of its customer service, Mountain High Potato & Onion needed to enable an automated load tracking solution that would provide accurate information without relying on verbal communication.

“With MacroPoint we don’t have to rely on second- and thirdhand information to know if a load is going to be delivered late. In this industry we can’t get that through verbal communications. The value of MacroPoint is in the higher level of service we can provide to our customers by knowing accurate delivery times.”


Lance Renfrow
Vice President
Mountain High Potato & Onion Inc.

The Solution:

Mountain High Potato & Onion now requires MacroPoint load tracking software through its integration with Real Time Freight on nearly all hauls handled by brokers, carriers or owner-operators. The company receives exception reports, triggered by pre-set time and location parameters in MacroPoint that indicate if a truck will miss its scheduled delivery time and also tracks loads by logging into the MacroPoint portal.


MacroPoint’s integration with the Real Time Freight enables freight tracking as a seamless solution for Mountain High Potato & Onion, providing visibility into the location of its freight directly into the transportation management system.


Activated from a driver’s mobile phone, including flip phones, or existing in-cab ELD/GPS device, MacroPoint’s patented location tracking software gives third parties load status and location visibility on their shipments.

“Without the MacroPoint load tracking solution, we wouldn’t know if there’s an issue and we couldn’t provide accurate delivery information to our customers. Using MacroPoint through its integration with our transportation management system from Real Time Freight is a much more effective way to track loads handled by our preferred brokers, carriers and owner-operators.”


Lance Renfrow
Vice President
Mountain High Potato & Onion Inc.

The Result:

A more efficient and effective way to track loads.

By enabling MacroPoint load tracking software, through its integration with the Real Time Freight, Mountain High Potato & Onion is improving the efficiency of its operation by eliminating phone calls with drivers and enhancing customer service by having access to accurate load location information.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

By using the MacroPoint visibility platform, Mountain High Potato & Onion has now eliminated the cumbersome and time-consuming manual step of continuously communicating with carriers to determine truck and delivery information.

Improved Productivity

Shipping point and customer arrival information is now gathered automatically using MacroPoint’s geofence GPS technology, allowing Mountain High Potato & Onion to more accurately evaluate delivery reliability information, and implement optimization measures.

Automated Communication

After developing a proactive notification system for late deliveries, an essential customer need was solved by allowing the ability to adjust their shipping and receiving schedules in order to maintain efficient day-to-day operations.

Reduced Costs

By creating a real-time visibility ecosystem with automated communication, the ability to a create savings opportunities and optimize resources allowed for the best use of talent, technology and budget within our transportation operations.