Supply Chain Visibility Success Story

with Bolt Express

Bolt Express is the largest privately held expedite transportation company in the country.

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The Challenge:

Check calls to drivers and partner carrier dispatchers sap productivity and company time; A lack of accurate location and status updates throughout the load creates a domino effect of missed opportunities.

“While working on a problematic shipment, I had to perform a check call for one of my major customers. Fortunately the driver was on MacroPoint, so I was able to get a recent location and the information we needed without having to call the driver. MacroPoint allows me to be extremely efficient when multi-tasking during my heaviest workload periods and provides proactive communication to my customers.”


Renee Jaska
Operations Manager
Bolt Holdings

The Solution:

MacroPoint reveals driver location and load info via their cell phones, increasing accuracy, improving customer visibility, and making operations much more efficient.


Just when you thought technology had helped your business all it could, along comes a way to get location updates, automated arrival detection and more, on loads that you have brokered. MacroPoint grabs data by way of your drivers’ cell phones – even if they’re not smartphones. You get real-time, third party-validated information and your operations team becomes more efficient than ever.


MacroPoint has quickly become a key tool in the technology arsenals of so many shippers, brokers, and carriers. You make way less check calls – allowing you to use that time much more productively. With MacroPoint you have a larger “virtual fleet” of partner carriers to handle any type of load without compromising the accuracy of information or the frequency of communication.


Driver setup takes just seconds – and with Sylectus, MacroPoint is already integrated. As Renee Jaska, Operations Manager at Bolt Express said, “MacroPoint’s service and TMS integration is smooth and seamless across the board. Our process has become more streamlined, and in any business, streamlining leads to better profitability.”

“Sylectus has partnered with MacroPoint to bring you one of the coolest services going. Track and trace using any ordinary cellphone. No long-term contracts, no new hardware requirements.”


Stuart Sutton

The Result:

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

By using the MacroPoint visibility platform, Bolt Express has now eliminated the cumbersome and time-consuming manual step of continuously communicating with carriers to determine truck and delivery information.

Improved Productivity

Shipping point and customer arrival information is now gathered automatically using MacroPoint’s geo-fence GPS technology, allowing Bolt Express to more accurately evaluate delivery reliability information, and implement optimization measures.

Automated Communication

After developing a proactive notification system for late deliveries, an essential customer need was solved by allowing the ability to adjust their shipping and receiving schedules in order to maintain efficient day-to-day operations.

Reduced Costs

By creating a real-time visibility ecosystem with automated communication, the ability to a create savings opportunities and optimize resources allowed for the best use of talent, technology and budget within our transportation operations.