The Value of Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility

It’s not surprising that in our annual survey of logistics and transportation professionals, they continue to rank visibility as the most important capability needed for successful transportation management.  Real-time freight visibility is vital for a transportation team seeking to improve service and performance in today’s volatile, consumer-driven market.


While knowing the location of your freight is critical for the transportation team, real-time supply chain visibility solutions can offer value throughout the company, including distribution, customer service, receiving, store operations and your customers.


We’d like to focus on three key areas where real-time visibility can make a significant impact:


  • Customer service
  • Inbound deliveries
  • Operational costs

Differentiate Your Customer Service


With live visibility data, you can meet customer expectations and deliver a better experience by identifying potentially late deliveries and notifying customers in advance with updated ETAs. By getting ahead of delays and reworking schedules, you can increase on-time deliveries and eliminate “where’s my order” calls from customers.


In today’s business climate, raising performance levels and maintaining customer service excellence are top priorities for many of our customers. By implementing Descartes MacroPoint’s automated tracking solution with real-time shipment updates, they have improved efficiency and increased customer satisfaction to gain a competitive advantage.


Streamline Inbound Deliveries


Staying on top of inbound deliveries to know in advance if there will be delays is critical for manufacturers and retailers.  Having accurate, real-time data from visibility solutions makes this possible. It can alert your logistics team to at-risk deliveries, allowing them to respond quickly to reduce shutdowns, cut dock congestion, and lower out-of-stocks and warehouse overtime.


When one of our auto manufacturing customers moved to automated, manage-by-exception tracking, they minimized production downtime by being proactive when faced with late deliveries. They also reduced the time spent tracking their fleet by 65%.


Our real-time visibility solution enabled a national retailer’s transportation team that manages 60,000 loads to better control inbound inventory while providing pro-active customer service. Managing-by-exception tracking allowed them to decrease labor on freight tracking and improve on 98.6% in-stock service levels.


Reduce Costs


Live visibility data can help your operations achieve significant savings by reducing costs associated with inefficient tracking, detentions and internal labor, as well as minimizing chargebacks.


Our customers have experienced the following reductions:


  • 40% in detention costs
  • 35% reduction in chargebacks and penalties
  • 50% in annual track and trace labor costs

How Descartes MacroPoint Can Help


You’ll get real-time visibility and ETAs for both inbound and outbound freight when your team partners with Descartes MacroPoint.


Our patented, automated load monitoring and tracking software provides load location visibility, predictive analytics, and an automated communication platform to truly enable “Manage by Exception” capabilities. This will create value for your organization by dramatically improving your ability to manage supply chain disruptions, increase on-time delivery performance and minimize carrier detention fees.


Learn how our visibility solutions can help your operations and read more customer success stories in The ROI Behind Freight Visibility eBook.