Capacity Matching

Digital Freight Matching for Brokers & 3PLs

What if it were possible to automatically match freight from your customers’ loads to open capacity from within your trusted carrier network? What if freight brokers and 3PLs were able to make the sourcing/booking process more efficient and more intelligent by eliminating manual work associated with it? And if no trucks were available, to exponentially expand your trusted carrier network with verifiable market data?


Well now there is a new way to find capacity for your freight . . . Introducing Descartes MacroPoint™ for Freight Matching!


What’s Fueling the Capacity Crunch?


Securing capacity has never been more challenging. The capacity crunch now faced by the transportation and logistics industry is due to a combination of factors including: the driver shortage, the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate, stricter transportation requirements and rapid growth of e-commerce, which has shifted distribution models to meet changing consumer expectations.


Why is Finding Capacity so Difficult?


Finding capacity is difficult because it is an undeniably manual process and technology has yet to offer a suitable alternative:


  • Your trusted carrier network is time-consuming and therefore costly to contact day after day, and trucks aren’t always available.
  • Private portals suffer from limited participation and cannot provide a complete view of your carrier network.
  • Traditional load boards contain outdated and/or unverified data, making it difficult to find quality carriers and increasing service risks.


Unlock Your Growth Potential


The freight capacity crunch is a huge opportunity for LSPs who embrace technology. With Descartes MacroPoint LSPs can:


  • Cover loads faster with data-driven freight matching
  • Find optimized rates with ideal booking windows
  • Protect margins in competitive lanes
  • Strengthen carrier relationships through reduced deadhead and increased backhauls
  • Grow their business with new-found capacity


Platform Features

Market Visualizations

LSPs can see the capacity in and out of their carrier network and it is mapped relative to open customer loads.

Automated Capacity Matching

LSPs can enter loads to be automatically matched to open capacity within their existing carrier network without all the manual work.

Capacity Sharing Co-Op

LSPs can share unused capacity through a voluntary opt-in network in return for exponentially more, usable capacity information.

Why Choose Descartes MacroPoint™?

Descartes MacroPoint is uniquely positioned to help you fight the freight capacity crunch. As a visibility platform, we are already connected to 115,000+ carriers through 1.2 million driver cell phones and 2.3 million in-cab devices. We track 10’s of millions of loads annually and 80 of the top 100 North American brokers already use Descartes MacroPoint for Visibility. We have the network size and industry acceptance to power the first scalable freight matching solution.


We want to enable the current marketplace to collectively grow faster, become stronger and more efficient. We focus on providing LSP’s freight capacity information. Capacity is the value the LSPs provide their customer; Descartes MacroPoint for Freight Matching can enable the LSPs to provide that capacity. By aggregating the data LSPs and leveraging the efficiencies found, we can provide our customers with the ability to gain a clearer competitive advantage. We focus on helping brokers leave behind their manual processes enabling them to reduce cost, compress margins and maintain the value to the shipper community.