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The transportation company or shipper you are driving for has requested that your location be shared so that they can track their goods during transit.

There are three ways to opt in:

1. Call 855-755-4400 and select option 1 2. Respond to the MacroPoint opt in text with “Share” or “OK” 3. Install the MacroPoint smartphone app

Click Here for the Android App

Click Here for the iPhone App

You can opt out by calling 855-755-4400 and selecting option 2, by responding “Stop” or “Hide” to the opt in text, or by uninstalling the app.

Opting in by calling the MacroPoint toll free number (855-755-4400) or via text uses no data. Opting in by installing the MacroPoint smartphone app will use a minimal amount of data.

MacroPoint does not access any additional files. The reason Camera Access is needed for downloading the MacroPoint app is because the broker / shipper / transportation company may request the driver to upload an image of the BOL, Damaged Product, other shipping papers, etc. The control is 100% up to the user of the app to choose to upload those images when requested. That is the ONLY reason permission is needed to access the camera. Again, it is 100% up to the user of the app to upload any images. NO images are accessed unless they are chosen by the user and MacroPoint does NOT do anything with accessing the camera for any other reason.

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