Connect with MacroPoint

Give Your Customers 100% Freight Visibility in Real-Time

Provide Your Customers with 100% Freight Visibility

Today, more than ever, there is a greater demand for real time freight visibility. Satisfied customers are repeat customers, and a partnership with MacroPoint ensures your ability to satisfy your customers’ visibility requirements with no cost to yourself.

Experience the advantages MacroPoint provides:

  • Eliminate or reduce the need for check calls to and from your customers
  • Provide your customers with a single source for all location-related information
  • Fully-Automated System — you aren’t responsible for reporting load status
  • Hardware-Free Solution — MacroPoint is compatible with the equipment you already use
  • Instant-On Connectivity — once installed, there are no further steps you need to take
  • Meets Today’s Requirements — gain access to a larger network of shippers and brokers